Neapolitan Market is an initiative  of Assocampania. News

Assocampania is working to the triennial action plan of  Neapolitan Market that will carry the products and the Campanian commerce in the main squares of the world.

Organized by:
Enzo Speranza
Assocampania Chairman
"My idea of a great international plan that could join hawkers and Campanian producers is finally truth. Neapolitan Market is an extraordinary initiative to promote Campania worldwide and to diffuse its products. I have realized this plan in collaboration with all the staff of Assocampania. "
Funded by:
Interview with President Enzo Speranza.

A Campanian local street market is an extraordinary show of lights and voices that comes into existence in the ways and in the public squares of all Campanian cities. A  gorgeous show where protagonists are typical products and hawkers liking.

To visit a Campanian local street market is much more than a periodic appointment: it’s a rite that resists to the competition of the organized great distribution and is a tourist attraction.

 In a Campanian local street market emotion and rationality are expressed by variety and extraordinary convenience of the products on sale.

The coloured products exposed on the stalls and the hawkers voices create a festive atmosphere to which everybody partecipate: housewives, tourists and simple visitors.
Today this extraordinary world becomes an ambitious plan: Neapolitan Market crosses the frontiers of  Campania Region and arrives in the most famous cities of the world.

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credits: The artworks on this websites are created by Maurizio Vinanti.